Rupert Spira: How to Deal With ALL Negative Feelings

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In this 7 minute video, Rupert describes the ingredients that are always present when we encounter any type of negative feelings such as jealousy, anxiety and so forth and then describes how it is possible to dismantle these feelings and return to a state of of joy and peace.

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Anonymous says:

Great thanks Ruppert for these very clear explanations about tension in the body due to long periods of anxiety. They can’t be cured by any medicine and get bigger and bigger feed by fear of what could happen to the body if they don’t disapear.
I will observe again again these tendancies to replace them by peace. Very greatful !

dianne says:

The mental health system works by putting plasters on psychological wounds for the most part. Surely this is going in the opposite direction to spiritual growth, and so surely this is very unskilful and unwise?

Bruce says:

Mental health professionals try to improve your dream state rather than exposing the dream state for what it is.

admin says:

Yes, what a waste of time and money.

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