Alan Watts Video

In this ten minute audio clip, Alan helps us understand that although the ego is truly only the marriage of an illusion to a futility, it is still a valuable and necessary concept necessary for societal conformity.

In this eleven minute audio from Alan, he shares the simplicity of the universe through the realization that all is one, this moment is eternity and THAT is all there is.

In this 9 minute video/audio, Alan feeds us food for thought about this moment we call now and our relationship to it on a day to day basis.

Here is a beautiful four minute excerpt of wisdom from Alan Watts.

In this very short 5 minute video, Alan explains what anxiety truly is which provides relief from the effects of this very common illusion we impose on ourselves.  Let’s listen in…

This short five minute, well produced video from “Universal Awakening” (Sam Tabibzadeh) brings us beautiful quotes about God from such Masters as Mooji, Ramana Maharshi, Alan Watts, Nisargadatta Maharaj and many others.  Here we find a central theme that attempts to define the meaning of God expressed in many ways, but resulting in only one common message.

In this short six minute audio from Alan, he helps us to understand that the past is only a story of where we have been and that the only reality there is happens every moment in this fresh and happening now.

In this ten minute audio from Alan, he dives head on into our mistaken relationship with the world which leads to changing our understanding of rules of the universe, which ultimately leads to a complete misunderstanding of our place in the universe.

In this AMAZING eight minute audio from Alan, he explains in simple terms how the universe works and why our very existence is essential for the existence of the entire universe.  Let’s listen in as Alan explains…

In this short five minute audio track from Alan, he helps us understand that we can get some relief from our anxieties by simply realizing some insights about ourselves. Let’s see what Alan has to say…

In this 8 minute video from Alan, we find him sharing his usual wit and wisdom. This particular clip focuses on the illusion of the ego and man’s never end quest to get rid of it.  Let’s listen in…

This extremely insightful five minute video from Alan reminds us that it is all about the end of effort (surrender) rather than decision making and forcefulness effort. This understanding can ultimately lead to  overcoming the illusion of having a separate ego.

This is an AMAZING 11 minute audio from Alan in which he takes us on a deep look at the nature of reality as it relates to our everyday life and the value of oneness with the moment to experience our true connection with the universe.

This is a very interesting seven minute clip from Alan Watts in which he starts out explaining that he is not a Guru and goes on to explain that ultimately WE are the ones who assign authority to whatever Guru, teacher or doctrines we end up following.

This audio/video from Alan watts may only be three minutes long but it contains the secret to making everything we call “work” more pleasant and enjoyable. Let’s listen in on this simple advice…

This well produced 4 minute video featuring audio clips of wisdom from Alan Watts is focused on the spontaneity of life and how we often stand in the way of our true nature by trying to force life to be what it is not.

In this beautifully produced five minute video, we find Alan Watts sharing wisdom regarding the illusion of memory. Most people use memory to define who they are which is ridiculous since the past is dead and gone. Alan suggests that perhaps if we must define ourselves in some way, we must start with the present.

In this eye opening 6 minute message from Alan Watts, he exposes the ridiculous belief in a “Game of Life” that has been designed to keep society moving in an orderly and business like fashion.