Francis Lucille Video

In this seven minute video, Francis Lucille responds to a fairly common inquiry wanting to know what is meant by “The world is a manifestation of Me?” The questioner wants to know how it is possible for world to be my manifestation when there are seven billion others. Let’s listen closely to the reply given by Francis…

Are We a Body/Mind Experiencing Consciousness? or Consciousness Experiencing a Body/Mind? In this very interesting eight minute video from Francis Lucille, he makes a great case that perhaps the body/mind in NOT required in order to experience. Let’s listen carefully…

In this short five minute video, Francis explores the question whether or not we choose our thoughts or if our thoughts are just happening and out of our control. Francis can be a little difficult to understand with his accent, so lets turn up our sound and listen…

In this 7 minute video, Francis explains that duality is not a problem but an actual necessity in the world of form. Duality only becomes a problem when one believes that it is real (or the basis for reality). Let’s listen to his explanation…

In this five minute video, Francis explains that trying to use meditation to realize the Truth can most often be counterproductive because most people’s understanding of meditation is more like an investigation or activity meant to induce a certain state of mind.

In this very interesting video clip from Francis, he responds to a seeker who is slightly confused about the relationship between the “Self” and the body/mind “entity”.  This video may only be 7 minutes long but it clears up several very common questions about the nature of our reality.

This trailer for Science and Non Duality Anthology (SAND) Volume 1 is offered as an amusebouche for the soul.  This is a very interesting 3 minute clip of some of the top 21 thinkers of our time from around the world expressing some little tidbits on “Non-Duality”.

In this short 3 minute video clip from Francis, he replies to the question about the meaning of self inquiry by explaining that it is an inquiry into the imagined separate self.

This 4 minute video clip from a moment with Francis Lucille reveals how psychological suffering comes to exist through mistaken identity and how the end of suffering can come about through the end of ignorance of the self as a separate entity.

In this 8 minute video, Francis Lucille answers the question of how to deal with recurring thoughts generated from a sense of identity (ego, mind).  His reply covers thoughts from a full-on identity or leftover habitual thoughts.

In this extremely short video, Francis Lucille speaks on the true nature of happiness.

Francis responds to the question “How can I deal with my personal thoughts.”

It’s always good to have a different perspective. Francis Lucille has a huge following and unique way to present his pointings.