Jac O’Keeffe

In this great little 5 minute video, Jac O’Keeffe explains that living through a pandemic this day and age gives us an amazing opportunity to come together and work together towards the same goal and also gives us a wonderful opportunity to remain in presence much more of the time.  Let’s listen…

In this interesting 5 minute video, Jac O’Keeffe asks us to look inside to face the divisions and prejudice that we may not be aware of.  Let’s listen to this little message of unity…

In this nine minute video, Jac O’Keeffe reminds us that the reason that “Create Your Own Reality” methods sometimes give the illusion of working is that ones desires can often be an intuitive preview of what is to come in the apparent sequential story of “me”.

In this five minute video clip, Jac explains that there is no need to try to change our thoughts and it is perfectly ok to feel thoughts of stress or struggle as long as we don’t believe in those thoughts. In other words we can be totally free and awake AND life on the outside can continue as usual (based on our conditioning), as long as we don’t identify or believe in what is happening as anything other than phenomenal.

In this ten minute video from Jac O’Keeffe, she explains that to the mind (ego, person) it appears that there are two worlds when in reality there is only one. Because its existence is dependent on a dualistic view created by the world of form, it simply can not accept its existence as being imagined. Let’s listen to this very interesting explanation…

This video from Jac may only be two and a half minutes long, but the truth it points to is immeasurable. Jac helps us to realize that regardless of one’s idea of enlightenment, the reality is that there is no such thing as enlightenment.

This short five minute, well produced video from “Universal Awakening” brings us beautiful quotes about God from such Masters as Mooji, Ramana Maharshi, Alan Watts, Nisargadatta Maharaj and many others.  Here we find a central theme that attempts to define the meaning of God expressed in many ways, but resulting in only one common message.

In this mini three minute video clip, Jac explains that without even realizing it, even the most seemingly noble agendas can be ego driven. Let’s listen in as she takes the example of “Compassion” to demonstrate her point…

In this very short three minute video Jac expresses a very meaningful description of true gratitude which rises up from nowhere and is directed at no one.  This is the kind of gratitude that does not come out of expectation or forcing of any kind and truly fills your heart with joy without cause.  Let’s take a quick listen…

In this 5 minute video, Jac addresses the common notion that it is somehow more noble to “Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself” and that in order to be a “good” person, one should apply this principle in life.  She explains that this is a misunderstanding and that nature does not function that way, so why should we impose such unreasonable demands on ourselves and others.  Let’s listen in as she describes the natural flow of attraction and love.

In this super short 4 minute video clip, Jac covers a lot of ground in a very direct way.  First she helps us to understand about Dual and Non-Dual language and then gives us a very direct look at the idea of God.

In this very short 3 minute video from Jac, she describes a practice technique to help us become truly “in the moment” when interacting with others and our relationships.  This practice can help us to shake off all of the “history” that is normally associated with relationship interactions.

In this super short 3 minute video from Jac, she explains that often what is labeled as contentment is not contentment at all, but rather a fabrication of the ego for its own selfish reasons.  This short video shows us one of the many ways the ego can use the most seemingly auspicious practices to fuel its own survival.

In this 10 minute video from Jac, she expresses that once there are codes or methods of behavior that need to be followed for a spiritual practice then spirituality is being converted into a religion and the development of a “spiritual ego”.   Because this type of ego normally comes with a sense of Selfrighteousness, it can be one of the most difficult forms of ego to transcend.

In this six minute video clip of Jac on the show “Never Not Here”, she explains that life’s “events” are truly only stories and that these stories are great fuel for the ego which can lead to suffering.  The key is not to identify with the story and realize that the story is not happening to “you”.  The story itself is not the problem, it is the identification with the story that causes suffering. See how Jac puts it…

In this short 5 minute video, Jac responds to a question from Richard Miller (host of Never Not Here) about the statement that we hear fairly often which says, “Nothing is Really Happening”.

In this eight minute video clip of Jac on the show “Never Not Here”, she explains her “journey” from a young age into psychotherapy for many years which eventually led to her search through a multitude of “spiritual” practices, but that it wasn’t until she spent a significant amount of time by herself that lead to the falling away of her illusions.

In this 4 minute video, Jac explains how the idea of a doer rises and falls with the existence of the ego/mind mechanism and that in pure perception there is no question of doership because everything is happening by itself.

In this seven minute video from Jac O’Keeffe, she explains the pealing back of the layers of perception in order to let Freedom (Self, Absolute) flow freely without getting hijacked by the limitations of the mind or play of consciousness.

In this amazing 9 minute spontaneous video from Jac, she explains that there are some persistent thoughts can just be dismissed, but there are also persistent thoughts that need to be dealt with.  In this clearly expressed video, Jac explains the way to deal with these endlessly persisting thoughts.

In this short 6 minute video from Jac appearing on the show “Never Not Here”, she talks about the beauty that we only get the message that is right for us to hear at that particular time.  That’s why when we feel like perhaps we are missing the message, the fact is that we are getting exactly what is needed in that moment.