Gangaji Video

Most of the time in our lives we are always looking for what’s next. In this lovely six minute video, Gangaji helps us to stop for a moment and discover what is here and now. Let’s listen in…

In this wonderful eleven minute video, Gangaji helps us to understand that most of the billions of people living on this planet actually belong to just one religion called “Me”.

In this great seven minute video, Gangaji explains that the reason most of us have a hard time shaking off the need (desire, search) for safety and security is because it is hard-wired into all of sentient life. However, through the understanding of our true nature, we come to realize that this is only another concept that can either be experienced or transcended.

In this insightful eight minute video, Gangaji addresses a concern for many seekers of truth that want to know how do morals and ethics work within non-dual teachings. At first glance one might think that realizing the truth implies a lack of personal responsibility, but Gangaji has a much different explanation…

In this very short three minute video, Gangaji explains that although some people may feel like she is their guru (or may feel she is portraying an image of a guru), she does not see it that way at all. She goes on to explain that for her it is about meeting people where they are and helping them to recognize the truth of who they are. Let’s listen…

In this amazing eight minute video, an ex-prisoner explains how through the teachings of Gangaji came to find the key to freedom. He explains how he realized that he was a prisoner of his own mind and kept locking himself up over and over until he realized that he always had the key all along to set himself free. Let’s listen in…

This beautifully produced 10 minute audio/video from Gangaji deserves a full five star rating.  Every single word points to the true nature of reality and adds no confusing concepts to distract the restless mind, leaving room for true realization of the all encompassing “Self”.

In this nine minute clip from an interview with Hillary Larson and Gangaji, we explore people’s obsessions with money or lack thereof and its connection with our fear of death. Very interesting.

In this 10 minute video from Gangaji, she helps us to understand that most suffering comes from the belief in a story of being a victim of some kind and goes on to helping us to bring about the end to this type of suffering.

In this short 5 minute video, Gangaji shares one of the simplest and most profound directives to getting more than what you want. One can never realize a state of peace when one is always searching for something they feel they do not have.

Gangaji explains that’s its very important to examine when we are “surrendering” or “trusting” our self to see what we are looking to get out of it. If we are looking to get ANYTHING out of it, then we need to take a closer look at what we mean by the “self”.  Looking to get something out of surrendering or trusting is a sure sign that the ego (person) is at helm.

In this super short 2 minute video, Gangaji shares with us that perhaps the best answer to “What is Enlightenment?” is to actually give up all definitions surrounding the concept of enlightenment.  Great video of this often asked question.

In this five minute video, Gangaji puts forth a very simplistic way at looking at and being who you are.