Neale Donald Walsch

The biggest question that we grapple with is: what is my purpose in life? How can I change the world? In this wonderful 4 minute video, Neale Donald Walsch shares the 3 three biggest life lessons that completely changed his life and helped him clarify his life purpose. He gives actionable insights that you can put to use right now to find your purpose.

In this great little six minute video, Neale Donald Walsch explains what needs to change within us to cause an end to life’s “struggles”. He explains that its not about giving up anything or making any major changes in life other that one twist in recognition and understanding.

In this BEAUTIFUL six minute video, Neale Donald Walsch helps us understand our life purpose which is the same as life’s purpose, which is to recognize the universe as ourselves. “This is the miracle of life itself, flowing through you, in you and as you. Let’s listen to this lovely video…

This beautifully produced seven minute video combines the wisdom of Mooji and Neale Donald Walsch on the subjects of Grace and Perfection. Sit back, relax and soak it all in.

In this nine minute video, Neale (author of “Conversations with God”) shares his understanding of fear and then shares how to deal with and ultimately transcend fear altogether.

In this five minute video from an interview with Neale (author of “Conversations with God”), he talks about the “Law of Attraction” as described in the movie/book “The Secret”.  Neale has a very different take on this subject so let’s listen in as he shares his point of view…

In this super short 3 minute video, Neale Donald Walsch takes on the question “Why do I exist as a human being?” This short video gets right to the point and provides an answer to this question which is in line with most of the Eastern spiritual masters.

In this six minute video, Neal explores the moral question “Do I have the right to be happy if it will make someone else unhappy?”  Let’s listen in on what Neal has to say…

In this short five minute audio clip, Neale talks to us about a different way to look at the things in our life we feel are not working which can instantly transform its affect on the inside, as well as eventually transforming its reality on the outside.