Tsur Taub Video: Who Am I? – A Step by Step Inquiry

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In this 10 minute video we join Tsur Taub, a Philosopher and a researcher of the mind and its potentials, in a step by step inquiry into the nature of the self. Very clear and interesting approach that is well worth the 10 minute investment in time…

To watch “What is Consciousness?” click here.

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Achala says:

Now this is the question that I really struggle with… If the I is constant and unchanging, and I am Awareness.. Then what happens in sleep? How can I consider myself as awareness as infinite and eternal, how can I know through experience that I am deathless when every night I losee awareness of myself? I have heard many explanations but all require reasoning and reflecting after waking … As far as I know, in deep sleep I do not exist and nor does time?

admin says:

Here is the mistake that is being made in your question. Deep sleep is not the absence of Awareness, it is actually the Awareness of Absence. So, in deep sleep, it is not that you are no longer aware, it is that there is nothing to be aware of and as you know almost all 7 billion of us enjoy this tremendously. If there was NO Awareness in deep sleep, how would be know that we enjoyed a great sleep?

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