Tsur Taub Video: What Is Consciousness? – A Step by Step Examination

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In this 12 minute video we join Tsur Taub, a Philosopher and a researcher of the mind and its potentials, in a step by step examination into the nature of Consciousness. This is a very clear and easy to follow approach that is well worth the 12 minute investment in time…

To watch “Who Am I” click here.

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Michael says:

I am No Thing, formless and beyond the capacity of the brain to fully understand.
The words “ mind” and “ brain” are not interchangeable imhe.
There are different levels of human conscious, yet there is One Universal conscious.
Science and Philosophy are seekers of the Truth, just that , not more or less…
There is an Absolute Truth, which they seek yet cannot seem to find, similar to finding ones mind…
Look within, the truth in a state of bliss awaits… which cannot be expressed in words..
I am that, I am. Namaste

Thomas Dee Gregory says:

A good start, but at “2” the experiencer is and knows that it is, verses your separación…..

Thank you,

And i Will continúe to study your presentation.

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