Rupert Spira & John J. Prendergast: The Integration of Non-Duality and Modern Day Therapy – Part 4

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This twelve minute clip between Rupert Spira and John J. Prendergast is Part 4 of a four part series of a discussion about the integration of non-duality and modern day therapy. This particular part discusses how humanity has now reached a point where a more direct approach to the realization of the “Truth” can be used and understood by more and more seekers, but that it is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Wendy Symes says:

Very interesting conversation!!!

dianne says:

How can I get hold of Rupert Spira? I would like to have some teaching sessions with him.

admin says:

Here is the contact page on his website:

dianne says:

Thank you for this. I have been down to Oxford and listened to Rupert. After the meeting I brought this up with him, and he referred me to some one at the meeting to help me find a therapist here in the West Midlands. The lady said she felt she would write to me and expressed optimism. But since then – several months ago now, —I have heard nothing. It would be good if there could be some carry through………..?

dianne says:

But, in relation to this video, where is this guidance to be found Rupert? If someone has already had an Awakening, troubled or not, this evokes a thirst to yes, ——be established in the non-dual realization. The Direct Path is for everyone, not just those who have more comfortable psychologies. There are those who say they understand non duality and may teach it, or may offer themselves as psychotherapists of the non-dual approach, but it is very important that those who seek to guide have genuine knowing of this. I am not at all happy with this idea of excluding those who struggle because of childhood abuse and neglect etc etc………….they may be the people who arguably need the guidance MOST! For myself, I see no other way, and this for me is the only REALITY that I can have a viable life with, and yet can get neither therapy nor teaching to help me manage the issues that come up.

Anonymous says:

Very Grateful for teachers aware of one’s capability to recieve & acknowledge true stability.
This was a very important lesson to discover. However, having given someone concepts, that thrilled & delighted upon comprehension & learning intergration for myself didnt qualify my ability to access someone’s readiness to recieve.
Now im leaning into inner wisdom & noticing if i experience a hesitacy.

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