Rupert Spira Video: Insecurity in Relationships

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A discussion about the way to deal with insecurity in relationships.

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dianne says:

It is difficult to deal with a situation in which the relationship with the primary care giver was never secure, but what is called ‘disorganised’ and so to focus on the ‘I’ which is what Rupert is referring to, is very hard when the human attachment, and reliance has NEVER been experienced. There is always then the pull to attach in a dependent way.
How can this be resolved so that there does not feel such an enormous gap, and a very, very painful gap in that connectivity to humans which I see as a result of the historically, unhelpful child=parent basic relationship.
I would be really grateful if this could be answered by Rupert?

dianne says:

Also, I just want to add that so far psychotherapy has not really helped me very much, and I see only the commitment to ‘I’ as my solution. Yet this is proving such a rift.

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