Rupert Spira: The Ego is Not a Mistake in a World Duality

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This short 5 minute video from Rupert Spira clearly demonstrates that in a world of duality (the physical world), the ego is not a mistake.

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Dr.Nasar says:

Ego is a must in the world of duality…………nasar

Harry Rice says:

There is no I free to do anything. That’s dualistic. Everything is as it must be.

admin says:

Your statements are true, however this video is speaking of the world of duality.

chris says:

A brief loss of a sense of separation, this is ego, limited awareness, a malady we all suffer from
Sitting quietly watchful can allow true nature to emerge

Danielle Choquette says:

Comprehensive explanation about the birth of ego in order to bring this world into manifestation.

Thank you!

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