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In this 5 minute video from Adyashati, he explains that insightful intelligence is not from the thinking mind.  The mind only has the ability to review concepts from the past and make projections of possible scenarios for the future, but true “Ah Ha” insightful ideas, thoughts or concepts come from the one intelligence that makes the entire universe possible. See how Adyashanti explains it…

In this great seven minute audio clip from Alan Watts, he helps us to realize that the external world is just as much a part of ourselves as the internal worlds and that truly we are just one happening in a world of seemingly separate forms.

In this unique eight minute audio, Rupert Spira explains how our belief in separation actually affects the body itself, and how the body is constantly looking for ways to relieve (heal) itself from these effects. Super interesting!

In this great eight minute video, a questioner wants to know why it seems that when thoughts are playing they seem to obscure Awareness and Rupert uses the screen metaphor to demonstrate that thoughts can never obscure the screen. Let’s listen…

In this nine minute video, Rupert Spira shares his views on what happens after enlightenment (awakening). Most people believe that awakening is the be all, end all of it, but actually Rupert explains that this is when the working through old programming begins.

In this super interesting video, Rupert helps us realize that Awareness is not located in the body alone.

In this 7 minute video, Rupert describes the ingredients that are always present when we encounter any type of negative feelings such as jealousy, anxiety and so forth and then describes how it is possible to dismantle these feelings and return to a state of of joy and peace.

This 8 minute video clip from Rupert Spira is the SIMPLEST and most DIRECT explanation of Enlightenment (Awakening) available in modern day spirituality.  The way that he explains the illusion of Enlightenment is so simple and vivid that even a child can understand his profound display of understanding. THIS VIDEO IS A MUST SEE FOR ALL!!

Tony Parsons gives talks and facilitates investigation and discussion on the nature of Advaita Vedanta and non-dualism. He works both in the UK and internationally and his books are published in many countries.

The fundamental principle of his work is to define the non-dual and impersonal nature of reality and to expose the dichotomy of the dualistic belief in a progressive path leading to spiritual attainment.

In this amazing 9 minute video,  Rupert Spira explains the answer to a most common question of wanting to know “who” is it exactly that can realize the “self”, or realize the “truth”?  Another way to put this question is, “If the “person” is a fictitious entity, then how can awareness know about itself?” Listen to the answer provided by Rupert…

In this BEAUTIFUL seven minute video, Neale Donald Walsch helps us understand our life purpose which is the same as life’s purpose, which is to recognize the universe as ourselves. “This is the miracle of life itself, flowing through you, in you and as you. Let’s listen to this lovely video…

This is a wonderful active meditation on the concept of “time”.  Through a series of questions, Rupert makes us realize the fallacy of time.  Only through the dreaming of the mind can we find something called “time”.

In this AMAZING video, Rupert explains in super clear language the process from infancy where we are fully merged with the outside world, through the development of the ego, and into the realization of consciousness as the true essence of our reality.

In this wonderful 10 minute video from Rupert Spira, he takes us step-by-step into the process from birth as an infant that is merged with experience to becoming a person, and then from being a person into maturing to the point where we realize that we are pure consciousness and that ALL of experience is happening in consciousness.

In this 7 minute video, Jeff offers some very practical advice for cutting off the power that thoughts seem to have over us. Whether we are searching for Enlightenment or seeking professional help, we are trying to find a way to control our thoughts or change our thoughts or eliminate some thoughts altogether.  In this video we find out that none of these exhausting mental gymnastics are necessary for liberation from our thoughts.

This 1 minute excerpt is from Deepak Chopra’s book called “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.”  Although the book presents concepts that are more or less valid, this particular section speaks on the very important Law of Least Effort. Most of what is discussed here can easily be supported in non-duality and offers an extremely interesting and probable description of the workings of the universe.

In this 10 minute video, Rupert replies to a question from a participant about being loyal to just one teacher. He explains why this is not a desirable relationship and that there is only one goal that should warrant our complete loyalty.  See what Rupert has to say…

In this five minute video, Adyashanti explains that we always think that we have to work towards love. Liberation is when you don’t have to work towards anything; you work from it, not towards it. It’s just there. It’s the ground you’re walking on.  Let’s listen in on this five minutes of wisdom…