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This is a very interesting seven minute clip from Alan Watts in which he starts out explaining that he is not a Guru and goes on to explain that ultimately WE are the ones who assign authority to whatever Guru, teacher or doctrines we end up following.

In this 5 minute video from Roger Castillo (a student of Ramesh Balsekar),  he explains the process going from intellectual understanding of the “Truth” to the experiential reality of being “Truth” which happens as we shed our old conditioning.

In this five minute video, Francis explains that trying to use meditation to realize the Truth can most often be counterproductive because most people’s understanding of meditation is more like an investigation or activity meant to induce a certain state of mind.

In this eight minute video, Ramana Maharshi takes us on a journey into deep silence. Ramana Maharshi (Maha or great, Rishi or Enlightened Being) was the awe inspiring sage who’s presence graced the renowned sacred Arunachala hill during much of the 20th century.

In this awesome 10 minute video, Rupert explains that when we are suffering it is not the current experience that is causing suffering but rather the actual desire to escape from it. Let’s listen to this amazing perspective on suffering…

In this 5 minute video, Adyashanti tries to describe the moment of “Realization”.

In this super short four minute video, Alan explains that our ego is only a caricature of who we think we are.  In reality our ego is a sort of defect disguised as the self.  The last minute of this audio should be experienced over and over again until a full realization comes of what he is trying to say.  Brilliant!!

In this 10 minute video from Rupert, a questioner wants to know what role sexuality can play in becoming more aware and also what role this strong energy plays after the realization of our true nature.  Rupert explains that it should not be used as a tool for the realization of the “truth” and that the major difference after realization is that this energy is no longer controlled by the neurotic demand of the separate self. See how Rupert explains it…

This seven minute clip is Part 2 of 3 of an intimate conversation with Tony Parsons on the subject of non-duality. Tony offers a rather different and what some may call “radical” look at the oneness of all.

Tony Parsons is the author of the book, “The Open Secret” and gives talks and facilitates investigation and discussion on the nature of Advaita Vedanta and non-dualism. He works both in the UK and internationally and his books are published in many countries.

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For Part 3 click here.

In this seven minute audio from Rupert Spira, he first explains how the imaginary separate self comes into existence, its natural life cycle, and the ultimate beginning of its demise.

Here is a wonderful 5 minute guided meditation from Adyashanti called “The Open Space of Awareness”. In this guided meditation, Adyashanti leads you below your thoughts into the quieter dimension of being and the best thing is all you need is 5 minutes.

In this ten minute video of Part 3 of an interview by Patrick Kicken of NonDualiteit, Eckhart explains that the now is not what happens in the moment and it is not a series of moments we call now but it is actually the light of consciousness or “presence” that is eternally present. Let’s listen to how this relates to every day life…

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In this wisdom filled thirteen minute audio clip, A.G. Krishnamurti shatters many of the widely accepted assumptions about human beings and their relationship with the world. If you don’t have an open mind, you may want to skip this video, however, if you are interested in the truth about ourselves, you will want to listen intently. Let’s get started…

Uppaluri Gopala Krishnamurti, known as U. G. Krishnamurti, was an Indian philosopher who questioned enlightenment. Although many considered him an “enlightened” person, Krishnamurti often referred to his state of being as the “natural state”.

In this 9 minute video, Rupert explains that because consciousness is infinite in nature and that time does not really exist, time and objects seemingly arise together in consciousness to create an apparent object or apparent event “in time”.

This beautifully animated video talks about Alan’s revelation of harnessing the power of nature. Animated by “The Simpson’s” Eddie Rosas and edited by Allison Faust.

Most of us have experienced mind activity that can easily be labeled as “Mind Attacks”.  This is when the mind brings up a series of thoughts that latch on to our attention and takes it for a trip that seems inescapable.  This is often paired with a series of fearful thoughts attaching itself to a deep seated fear. In this 5 minute video, Adyashanti shows us a simple (though not always easy) way to make sure that our sense of identity does not fall into this trap along with the mind.

This particular video focuses on the importance of following your heart to live a meaningful life filled with joy and adventure.

In this five minute video from an interview with Neale (author of “Conversations with God”), he talks about the “Law of Attraction” as described in the movie/book “The Secret”.  Neale has a very different take on this subject so let’s listen in as he shares his point of view…