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In this video, Adyashanti shows that the shift from just understanding to full realization is through experience and begins with a stillness of mind.

Here you will find a well produced video of quotes and wisdom from Nisargadatta Maharaj, one of the greatest modern day masters and Jnani.

In this super short 5 minute video, Alan provides food for thought surrounding the concept of purpose and how our mind reinforces this concept by using memory to string along moments of eternity to create the illusion of purpose.

In this amazing 8 minute video clip from Rupert Spira, we explore how it is possible to direct our attention towards source (the self, awareness) and come to realize that it is not possible to place our attention on awareness because awareness IS the source of attention.  This may sound like a riddle at first but by spending only 8 minutes with Rupert, we can come to stand knowingly as the awareness itself.

In this AMAZING 13 minute video from Rupert, he explains that to get the best “experiential” awakening it is often best to use duality to awaken to non-duality.  He goes on to explain that this approach is the only way to true Awakening because we don’t want to return to oneness as experienced by babies or animals, we want to return to oneness awakened to the true nature of reality.

In this short six minute audio from Alan, he helps us to understand that the past is only a story of where we have been and that the only reality there is happens every moment in this fresh and happening now.

In this AMAZING sixteen minute video, Rupert explains in detail how we are all the SAME awareness and NOT multiple versions of the same awareness,and that love itself is only the recognition of our shared being. Lets listen in on this beautiful description of love and being…

In this beautifully produced five minute video, Adyashanti explains that the pursuit of happiness only leads to sorrow, or as Chuang Tzu said, “Happiness is the Absence of Striving for Happiness”. Let’s listen to this beautiful, meaningful and enlightened message…

In this little eight minute video clip from Rupert Spira, a young boy asks why consciousness has to explore itself given that it knows everything. Using metaphors Rupert tries to explain and ends up making the very important point that destiny is not something that is pre-planned but is actually spontaneous in nature, helping us to realize that destiny is actually “spontaneous destiny”. Let’s pay special attention around the 6:30 minute mark…

This video contains some awesome things shared by Alan Watts if you can overlook the incredibly annoying music.  Please try to overlook the music and focus on the message.

In this short 5 minute video, Rupert gives us some insight into choice. And by using a simple example, he demonstrates that the choice is actually an interpretation of an experience where there is actually no choice made.  In fact, science is now showing that the impulse for a decision happens up to six seconds before the actual choice is made.

In this 6 minute video from Rupert, he provides us with the correct understanding to help us deal with other people’s drama, even when they try to pull us into their drama. Very useful advice indeed!

In this super short 3 minute video, Rupert responds to someone that is confused about what is real and what is not real, and in the process gives us a completely different perspective or meaning of “Individuality” itself.

In this 10 minute video, Alan takes us on a closer look at thought, the natural flow of thought, and the illusory thought of an existing thinker. In other words, by the end of this video one can plainly see that the idea of a thinker is nothing but a thought itself.  Listen to what Alan has to say…

In fourteen minutes, this well edited compilation offers the wisdom of three modern day spiritual teachers (Gurus) on the subject of fear, how fear is created and what we can do about it.  Let’s listen in ….

In this eight minute clip from an interview by Rick Archer, Rupert explains what the realization of the truth (non-duality) can mean in everyday life. Although Rick poses questions originating from the mind and looking for answers that will satisfy the mind’s objections to how things “really are in the real world”, Rupert never strays from the freedom realized in the essence of non-duality (Truth).

In this cute four minute animation we find Frick and Frack discussing Our True Nature As the One and Only Source. The greatest advantage to these cartoons is that it allows us to focus more on the MESSAGE, rather than the credibility or character of the messenger.

This is Part 6 of this discussion of our true nature between Frick and Frack.

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This beautifully produced 80 minute DOCUMENTARY of the life and times of Sri Ramana Maharshi is called, “Jnani: The Silent Sage of Arunachala” and produced by CINEFX PRODUCTIONS. This film is highly recommended for anyone interested in Ramana as well as any direct students of Ramana such as Papaji, (Mooji from Papaji), or others interested in Advaita Vedanta.