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This eight minute clip is Part 3 of 3 of an intimate conversation with Tony Parsons on the subject of non-duality. Tony offers a rather different and what some may call “radical” look at the oneness of all.

Tony Parsons is the author of the book, “The Open Secret” and gives talks and facilitates investigation and discussion on the nature of Advaita Vedanta and non-dualism. He works both in the UK and internationally and his books are published in many countries.

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In this twelve minute video, quotes are read from the book “I Am That” transcribed from talks by Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, a sage of the highest order, is a tremendously gifted teacher who spoke directly from the Absolute “pure Awareness, unborn Reality,” and thus from real spiritual authority.

In this ten minute video, Rupert Spira brings to light the “Knowing” aspect of all experience. Rupert explains that without this “Knowing” aspect, nothing could be known, therefore, nothing could be experienced. Let’s listen to his explanation…

I this fourteen minute video clip, Adyashanti helps us to understand and implement the core teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj. This part focuses on diving deeper into the “I Am” where the separation between the witnessing and what is being witnessed begins to collapse. This is part two of a two part series.

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In this lovely little nine minute video we get to see the before and after of someone who was very devoted to her thoughts (believed her thoughts), and what happened after she realized that thoughts by themselves are only “crap” making an appearance in consciousness.

In this 10 minute excerpt from an audio recording taped in 1959, we can hear a very poor quality recording with the highest of quality message. In this recording Alan speaks of the transformation of every day consciousness into Nirvana.

In this short five minute video, Gangaji invites us, if only for a moment, to call off the search and recognize the “Truth” that is already within us.

In this awesome twelve minute video, Rupert provides some practical advice on how to deal with uncomfortable feelings of any kind that can stir up inside during inquiry or meditation or introspection. Let’s listen to this valuable advice…

In this six minute audio clip, Alan Watts explains that when the Chinese say that life is purposeless, this is actually a compliment because all of life’s most treasured moments are purposeless. Let’s listen to the potential freedom in these words…

In this eleven minute video, Rupert reminds us of the differences between the simple recognition of Awareness, Enlightenment and the integration of this new understanding into our everyday lives.

In this short three minute video, Gangaji responds to the question of whether we need a teacher for spiritual progress or not. Let’s see what she has to say…

This is a fantastic eleven minute guided meditation using the words and teachings of Jnani and Non-Dual Master Nisargadatta Maharaj featuring outstanding quotes from the book, “I Am That”. Let’s clear all distractions and enjoy…

In this twelve minute audio, Adyashanti explains that experiencing the state of awakening or the experience of realization is something that is temporary at best. One could say that these moments are the beginning of the end for the ego but that there are many months or years ahead for a deepening and integration of that understanding.

In this lovely seven minute reminder, Adyashanti points to a way of perceiving reality that is beyond the filter of our beliefs and judgments. It’s really not hard to do. Let’s listen to his advice…

In this fourteen minute audio, Adyashanti tries to explain that we mistake the events of the world as being the cause of suffering and loss of peace within us, when in reality it is our (mind’s) thoughts about what is happening that is separating us from our inner nature of joy and peace.

In this interesting six minute video, Francis Lucille explains that even the perception of what we may consider to be distractions from consciousness is actually consciousness as well and a part of what we are at any given moment. Let’s let Francis explain…

In this six minute audio clip, Rupert Spira defines the most rudimentary definition of love and that there is no such thing as the absence of happiness or love; only the apparent veiling of it.

In this nine minute video, Rupert makes several attempts to explain that unlike the popular misconception, the body and mind are not aware, but rather it is Awareness itself that is aware of the body and mind.