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In this six minute video, A.H. Almaas tries to shed some light on the importance of individuality within a world where there is truly only one universal consciousness.

A.H. Almaas is the pen name of A. Hameed Ali (born 1944), an author and spiritual teacher who writes about and teaches an approach to spiritual development informed by modern psychology and therapy which he calls the Diamond Approach.

In this lovely thirteen minute video, Rupert takes us through the disappearance of time when we are so focused on an activity that we completely become one with the experience. This is actually the most common way most of us get a taste of the bliss that comes with being one with our true nature.

Most of the time in our lives we are always looking for what’s next. In this lovely six minute video, Gangaji helps us to stop for a moment and discover what is here and now. Let’s listen in…

This video is only two and a half minutes long but contains a huge and controversial message. In this short video, Papaji denies the existence of rebirth and karma and dismisses them as concepts for religions to instill fear and control their subjects.

Because Papaji can be a little difficult to understand, here is the word by word transcript:

Question: When freedom is always there and full awakening is possible here and now for everybody regardless of the background or any practice or personal circumstances what about karma? Can you please explain the idea of karma yoga rebirth in the context of the true freedom now.

Papaji Response: This talk of karma and rebirth do not belong to this area of freedom. That’s a very different question. That belongs to religion and not for the seeker of freedom. So this question is not relevant to seekers of truth. There’s no such karma and no such rebirth question. That belongs to religion: fear. That fear is created to you if you follow any teacher, or a preacher, or a priest. They give you this fear, “If you don’t follow you will be again and again reborn and suffer.” This is not the work of the Sadguru who removes all this old doubts and all these stupid concepts. He only shows you the way of happiness and freedom and he doesn’t joke with you. That’s a different affair.

Here’s a beautiful little eight minute video from a lovely being named Nada who shares with us a very profound message about the difference between spiritual experience and intellectual understanding.

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In this seven minute video, Adyashanti addresses the issue of making decisions through enlightened action rather than the ego-mind. Adyashanti explores the connection between self-consciousness and enlightened action, and how by allowing yourself to be in the flow with existence, you can relieve yourself of all unnecessary suffering.

In this very short three minute video, Rupert reminds us that the nature of Awareness, the nature of what we ARE, is peace and happiness and that all that needs to be done to enjoy peace and happiness is to spend time with ourselves.

Your own personal philosophy is a lens that you view life through, and it interprets and colors all of your experiences, creating your life. Adyashanti asks us to take a moment to reflect on the question: What philosophy am I entertaining at this moment right now?

In this twelve minute video clip, Jeff Foster helps us understand our desire for peace and how we can let go to our life as it truly is and find eternal peace within. Let’s listen to this important message…

In this great ten minute video, Rupert responds to a very common question about where our thoughts come from. While explaining the answer, Rupert also touches on our relationship with freedom and free will. Let’s listen…

In this 2 minute video, we find 20 quotes from Nisargadatta Maharaj which points to his core teachings. Nothing is needed other than the simple truths revealed in these quotes to reach the highest knowledge and understanding of who we truly are. You may need to keep the “pause” button handy as some of these quotes change a bit too fast 🙂

Are We a Body/Mind Experiencing Consciousness? or Consciousness Experiencing a Body/Mind? In this very interesting eight minute video from Francis Lucille, he makes a great case that perhaps the body/mind in NOT required in order to experience. Let’s listen carefully…

In this cute three minute animation we find Frick and Frack discussing the fact that realization of our true nature does NOT mean the end of the personal role (character) we are playing. The greatest advantage to these cartoons is that it allows us to focus more on the MESSAGE, rather than the credibility or character of the messenger.

This is Part 3 of this discussion of our true nature between Frick and Frack.

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In this seven minute video, Rupert responds to a questioner who wants to know if our everyday experience actually veils us from our true nature. Let’s listen to his intelligent and simple response…

In this very short three minute video, Gangaji explains that although some people may feel like she is their guru (or may feel she is portraying an image of a guru), she does not see it that way at all. She goes on to explain that for her it is about meeting people where they are and helping them to recognize the truth of who they are. Let’s listen…

Here’s a beautiful little six minute video from a lovely being named Nada who shares with us a very profound message about setting our egos aside to truly open the channels of communication. Let’s listen to some pointings to help us communicate better with others…

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In this twelve minute video, quotes are read from the book “I Am That” transcribed from talks by Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, a sage of the highest order, is a tremendously gifted teacher who spoke directly from the Absolute “pure Awareness, unborn Reality,” and thus from real spiritual authority.

In this thirteen minute video, Rupert Spira tries to explain the difference between a concept and a belief. He explains that the only thing that we can say for certain is real in any experience is Awareness (consciousness). Let’s listen in…