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Here’s a new (2017) beautifully produced short video on the unique emergent expression of life.

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In this seven minute video, Rupert explains that true acceptance is not a practice, it is not an activity of the mind, but rather it is a natural state of Awareness. The activity of the mind most mistakenly taken for acceptance is actually just another way for the mind to perpetuate itself.

Here’s a beautiful little eight minute video from a lovely being named Nada who shares with us a very profound message about unconditional love in relationships. Most of us relate “love” as some kind of feeling or action, but in reality, true unconditional love is simply synonymous with “acceptance” or “allowing”.

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In this twelve minute audio, Adyashanti explains that experiencing the state of awakening or the experience of realization is something that is temporary at best. One could say that these moments are the beginning of the end for the ego but that there are many months or years ahead for a deepening and integration of that understanding.

In this great ten minute video clip, Rupert explains that after the realization takes place that our true nature is unlimited, infinite Awareness, our old ways of thinking still can pop up as habits from our old, limited sense of identity and must be recognized and transcended.

This is a fantastic eleven minute guided meditation using the words and teachings of Jnani and Non-Dual Master Nisargadatta Maharaj featuring outstanding quotes from the book, “I Am That”. Let’s clear all distractions and enjoy…

In this great little six minute video clip from Adyashanti, he explains that we need not degrade the worth of the body or the mind but by becoming intimate with our Absolute nature, our identity is no longer housed in the prison of the body or mind. Let’s listen to his explanation…

In this 10 minute excerpt from an audio recording taped in 1959, we can hear a very poor quality recording with the highest of quality message. In this recording Alan speaks of the transformation of every day consciousness into Nirvana.

In this short five minute video, Gangaji invites us, if only for a moment, to call off the search and recognize the “Truth” that is already within us.

Here’s a beautiful little six minute video from a lovely being named Nada who shares with us the extent to which we have become distanced from our original authenticity and to serve as a reminder of our ability to return there.

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In this seven minute video, Adyashanti addresses the issue of making decisions through enlightened action rather than the ego-mind. Adyashanti explores the connection between self-consciousness and enlightened action, and how by allowing yourself to be in the flow with existence, you can relieve yourself of all unnecessary suffering.

In this ten minute video, Rupert Spira brings to light the “Knowing” aspect of all experience. Rupert explains that without this “Knowing” aspect, nothing could be known, therefore, nothing could be experienced. Let’s listen to his explanation…

In this eight minute video, Adyashanti helps us understand that through meditation we can come to realize the true nature of thought and the fact that we really have no control over thoughts at all. This is important for several reasons, one of them being that the saying “Change your thoughts and change your life” is really not true at all because in reality you have no control over your thoughts.

In this nine minute audio clip, Jeff Foster talks about life before and after the recognition of non-duality. Jeff demystifies enlightenment and points to a love that’s always present amidst every appearance of life.

This is a beautiful nine minute video containing photographs, music and wonderful quotes taken from Ramana Maharshi, one of India’s most powerful Jnani and Non-Dual Master. Please sit back, relax and enjoy his presence and wisdom…

In this lovely thirteen minute video, Rupert takes us through the disappearance of time when we are so focused on an activity that we completely become one with the experience. This is actually the most common way most of us get a taste of the bliss that comes with being one with our true nature.

Here is a wonderful 5 minute guided meditation from Adyashanti called “The Open Space of Awareness”. In this guided meditation, Adyashanti leads you below your thoughts into the quieter dimension of being and the best thing is all you need is 5 minutes.

In this 2 minute video, we find 20 quotes from Nisargadatta Maharaj which points to his core teachings. Nothing is needed other than the simple truths revealed in these quotes to reach the highest knowledge and understanding of who we truly are. You may need to keep the “pause” button handy as some of these quotes change a bit too fast 🙂