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In this BEAUTIFUL seven minute video, Neale Donald Walsch helps us understand our life purpose which is the same as life’s purpose, which is to recognize the universe as ourselves. “This is the miracle of life itself, flowing through you, in you and as you. Let’s listen to this lovely video…

In this ten minute video, Rupert Spira brings to light the “Knowing” aspect of all experience. Rupert explains that without this “Knowing” aspect, nothing could be known, therefore, nothing could be experienced. Let’s listen to his explanation…

In this nine minute audio clip in an interview with Nic Higham, Jeff Foster talks about life before and after the recognition of non-duality. Jeff demystifies enlightenment and points to a love that’s always present amidst every appearance of life.

In this twelve minute audio, Adyashanti explains that experiencing the state of awakening or the experience of realization is something that is temporary at best. One could say that these moments are the beginning of the end for the ego but that there are many months or years ahead for a deepening and integration of that understanding.

In this short 4 minute clip taken from an interview with Deepak Chopra, he explains why it it is not possible for current scientific models to ever try to explain non-duality and that a new science will have to be developed in order to make any attempt at understanding true reality.

In this six minute video, A.H. Almaas tries to shed some light on the importance of individuality within a world where there is truly only one universal consciousness.

A.H. Almaas is the pen name of A. Hameed Ali (born 1944), an author and spiritual teacher who writes about and teaches an approach to spiritual development informed by modern psychology and therapy which he calls the Diamond Approach.

In this short five minute video, Gangaji invites us, if only for a moment, to call off the search and recognize the “Truth” that is already within us.

In this eight minute video, Adyashanti helps us understand that through meditation we can come to realize the true nature of thought and the fact that we really have no control over thoughts at all. This is important for several reasons, one of them being that the saying “Change your thoughts and change your life” is really not true at all because in reality you have no control over your thoughts.

Most of the time in our lives we are always looking for what’s next. In this lovely six minute video, Gangaji helps us to stop for a moment and discover what is here and now. Let’s listen in…

In this six minute audio clip, Alan Watts explains that when the Chinese say that life is purposeless, this is actually a compliment because all of life’s most treasured moments are purposeless. Let’s listen to the potential freedom in these words…

In this nine minute video, Jac O’Keeffe reminds us that the reason that “Create Your Own Reality” methods sometimes give the illusion of working is that ones desires can often be an intuitive preview of what is to come in the apparent sequential story of “me”.

In this cute four minute animation we find Frick and Frack discussing the role of individuality and conditioning within a non-dual world. The beauty of using this format to convey this message is that it allows us to focus on the MESSAGE rather than the messenger. Let’s listen in on there little conversation…

This is Part 2 of this discussion of our true nature between Frick and Frack.

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In this five minute video clip from Stephen Wolinsky, he explains what a spiritual teacher should be and how spiritual teachers are not necessarily “one-size-fits-all”.

Stephen H. Wolinsky, Ph.D., (Narayan) is a direct disciple of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and lived in India and Asia for more than six and a half years. He has taught Self-Enquiry and Kashmir Shaivism (Tantra) from 1982 to the present.

In this beautifully produced five minute video, Adyashanti explains that the pursuit of happiness only leads to sorrow, or as Chuang Tzu said, “Happiness is the Absence of Striving for Happiness”. Let’s listen to this beautiful, meaningful and enlightened message…

In this short four minute video clip, Jeff Foster speaks about how we really should see everything within us as divine and with total acceptance. He explains that if we were taught to see everything within us as a divine expression, that would be the end of violence towards ourselves and others.

Here’s a beautiful little six minute video from a lovely being named Nada who shares with us the extent to which we have become distanced from our original authenticity and to serve as a reminder of our ability to return there.

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Here is a wonderful 5 minute guided meditation from Adyashanti called “The Open Space of Awareness”. In this guided meditation, Adyashanti leads you below your thoughts into the quieter dimension of being and the best thing is all you need is 5 minutes.

Here’s a beautiful little four minute video from a lovely being named Nada who shares with us a very profound message about one of the most common questions, “What is the meaning of life?” In this great little video, Nada helps us understand that the meaning of life may very well be based on our understanding of our relationship with the world.

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