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This two minute clip introduces Rupert Spira and John J. Prendergast, PhD for those who don’t know who they are. This 4 part mini series is a discussion about the integration of non-duality and modern day therapy.

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In this amazing eight minute video, an ex-prisoner explains how through the teachings of Gangaji came to find the key to freedom. He explains how he realized that he was a prisoner of his own mind and kept locking himself up over and over until he realized that he always had the key all along to set himself free. Let’s listen in…

This is a wonderful little 4 minute video created by SAND (Science and Non Duality) which provides amazing wisdom as spoken by Maharaj. Let’s listen in to his pointings on our reality as nothingness…

In this six minute video, Roger explains that the primary reason the majority of humans are on a constant search for happiness is because they have been conditioned with a misunderstanding of the meaning of happiness. Once a true understanding is established, one can stop looking for happiness in the flow of life and look within to find that it has been what we are all along.

In this very clear little 9 minute video, Roger explains the factors involved in why humans act and do as they do at any given moment, how these factors nullify the idea of a “doer” and how it all comes together as the playing out of destiny.

In this 7 minute video, Francis explains that duality is not a problem but an actual necessity in the world of form. Duality only becomes a problem when one believes that it is real (or the basis for reality). Let’s listen to his explanation…

In this ten minute video from Rupert, he replies to the question, “What happens to consciousness after death?” and in the process provides a possible explanation why there could be a form of reincarnation in the process. Because Rupert never recognizes the existence of a physical body, the explanation he provides may require several repetitions to fully understand.

In this great little five minute video from Adyashanti, he attempts to describe the final return to the Absolute (who we are). Let’s take a moment to visualize this wonderful reminder…

This video is a wonderful eleven minute guided meditation by the one who basically wrote the book on meditation. In this beautiful guided meditation from Adyashanti, he takes us deep into seeing through the habits of the mind.

In this five minute video, Francis explains that trying to use meditation to realize the Truth can most often be counterproductive because most people’s understanding of meditation is more like an investigation or activity meant to induce a certain state of mind.

This video from Jac may only be two and a half minutes long, but the truth it points to is immeasurable. Jac helps us to realize that regardless of one’s idea of enlightenment, the reality is that there is no such thing as enlightenment.

In this ten minute audio clip, Alan helps us understand that although the ego is truly only the marriage of an illusion to a futility, it is still a valuable and necessary concept necessary for societal conformity.

In this eleven minute audio from Alan, he shares the simplicity of the universe through the realization that all is one, this moment is eternity and THAT is all there is.

In this 9 minute video/audio, Alan feeds us food for thought about this moment we call now and our relationship to it on a day to day basis.

Here is a beautiful four minute excerpt of wisdom from Alan Watts.

In this wonderful thirteen minute video clip, while discussing the illusion of the web and flow of Awareness during stressful situations, Rupert explains that the discovery of the self and the realization of what we are is the greatest discovery we can make as human beings.

In fourteen minutes, this well edited compilation offers the wisdom of three modern day spiritual teachers (Gurus) on the subject of fear, how fear is created and what we can do about it.  Let’s listen in ….

In this eight minute video, Rupert describes the workings of Synchronicity in a non-dual world. After describing how synchronicity comes to fruition within the context of the “Consciousness only” model, he goes on to explain how prayer can work on a non-personal level.