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This extremely insightful five minute video from Alan reminds us that it is all about the end of effort (surrender) rather than decision making and forcefulness effort. This understanding can ultimately lead to  overcoming the illusion of having a separate ego.

In this very short three minute video Jac expresses a very meaningful description of true gratitude which rises up from nowhere and is directed at no one.  This is the kind of gratitude that does not come out of expectation or forcing of any kind and truly fills your heart with joy without cause.  Let’s take a quick listen…

In this 5 minute video, Jac addresses the common notion that it is somehow more noble to “Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself” and that in order to be a “good” person, one should apply this principle in life.  She explains that this is a misunderstanding and that nature does not function that way, so why should we impose such unreasonable demands on ourselves and others.  Let’s listen in as she describes the natural flow of attraction and love.

In this six minute video from Rupert, he responds to a questioner who wants to know how it is possible to be “Awareness” which is untouchable and unaffected by anything, and still be able to properly act or react to life circumstances.

This video from Rupert is a must watch for anyone searching for Enlightenment (Awakening).  This 19 minute video contains ALL of the information needed to put an end to the search and the seeker.  If this doesn’t clear things up, simply rewind and push play again.  Introducing ANY other information of any kind can only lead one away from the realization/understanding of “Truth” (our true nature).

In this extremely short two and a half minute video, Rupert explains how Awareness (what we are) NEVER flows through time and space.  Although this message is very short, it contains the highest level of realization and should be contemplated over and over as the mind goes on its fantasies of independent existence.

In this quick 5 minute video clip from Jeff Foster, he expresses that the spiritual search or trying to become a spiritual person can become very exhausting and that what most are searching for is not about becoming anything other than what we already are. Let’s listen in on this very interesting little video…

In this 10 minute video from Rupert, he uses two metaphors to answer two of the most common questions about our search for “Enlightenment”.  Using the metaphor of John Smith to represent “Awareness” and King Lear to represent the person we believe ourselves to be, he very logically explains why ignorance of our true nature causes all of our suffering and who/what is it that keeps us seeking for happiness.

In this nine minute video, Neale (author of “Conversations with God”) shares his understanding of fear and then shares how to deal with and ultimately transcend fear altogether.

In this five minute video from an interview with Neale (author of “Conversations with God”), he talks about the “Law of Attraction” as described in the movie/book “The Secret”.  Neale has a very different take on this subject so let’s listen in as he shares his point of view…

In this brilliant 10 minute audio on understanding depression, Rupert explains in very simple terms exactly what is going on when one feels overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings of gloom and doom for extended periods of time.  He then explains what one can do about it.  Let’s listen in…

In this 10 minute video from Roger Castillo (a student of Ramesh Balsekar), he explains the basics of non-dual teachings.  His explanation is quite simple and easy to understand, even for those who have never been exposed to non-dual teachings, and provides the basic building blocks at the heart of non-dual teachings and how these teachings can help us achieve peace of mind.

This is an AMAZING 9 minute audio from Alan in which he takes us on a deep look at the nature of reality as it relates to our everyday life and the value of oneness with the moment to experience our true connection with the universe.

In this eleven minute clip, Adyashanti explains that letting go of perspectives, your attachments to them, and any lingering value judgments, you open yourself up to the vast array of life that lies at your fingertips in every moment. Adyashanti points out that without these limiting factors hindering you and by diving deeply into your experience, you are able to gracefully step into the infinite reality.

In this great ten minute video, Adyashanti takes us on a closer look at the futility of judgements and how they actually put us as odds with reality. Let’s listen in on this insightful message…

Finally, a teacher of non-duality is willing to speak on the question in back of everyone’s mind, “how does non-dual teachings apply to the mentally impaired?”  In this 10 minute response from Rupert we witness an intelligent response that is tailored for the moment, yet retains the integrity of “Truth” and non-dual teachings.

In this very interesting video clip from Francis, he responds to a seeker who is slightly confused about the relationship between the “Self” and the body/mind “entity”.  This video may only be 7 minutes long but it clears up several very common questions about the nature of our reality.

In this super short 4 minute video clip, Jac covers a lot of ground in a very direct way.  First she helps us to understand about Dual and Non-Dual language and then gives us a very direct look at the idea of God.