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In this sixteen minute video with Rupert Spira, a seeker explains that he feels that psychedelic drugs help him gain access to his true self by experiencing a state of no-mind. Rupert explains and demonstrates that we ALWAYS at ANY MOMENT have direct access to our true self. Let’s listen…

In this thirteen minute video clip, Rupert Spira explains what is meant by “time doesn’t exist” and describes how the eternal now brings time into existence according to the limitations of the mind. Although it is impossible for our minds to understand how this is possible due to its limitations, using metaphors, Rupert is able to help us reach an inner knowingness of the concept of time.

This very special 4 minute video is very short but contains ultimate wisdom. In this little video using quotes from Ramana Maharshi, he describes the true meaning of “guru” and whether a physical guru is needed or required for Awakening.

Here’s a beautiful little eight minute video from a lovely being named Nada who shares with us a very profound message about unconditional love in relationships. Most of us relate “love” as some kind of feeling or action, but in reality, true unconditional love is simply synonymous with “acceptance” or “allowing”.

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In this eight minute video, Ramana Maharshi takes us on a journey into deep silence. Ramana Maharshi (Maha or great, Rishi or Enlightened Being) was the awe inspiring sage who’s presence graced the renowned sacred Arunachala hill during much of the 20th century.

This six minute video from a lovely being named Nada speaks to the very common human condition of feeling a bit impatient or restless with our spiritual “progress”. Nada explains why it is important to be patient with the spiritual process and be patient with ourselves in transcending past conditioning that has often been around since before we can remember.

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Sometimes it can be helpful to examine the motivation behind what we do and in this eight minute video clip from Adyashanti, he talks to us about the two main spiritual motivators that keep us searching to understand and assimilate the Truth about the nature of our reality.

In this six minute video, Papaji tells the story of a king who falls asleep and dreams that he is a beggar. He uses this analogy to teach us that when we are awake to the senses we fall asleep to our True Nature.

This video is only two and a half minutes long but contains a huge and controversial message. In this short video, Papaji denies the existence of rebirth and karma and dismisses them as concepts for religions to instill fear and control their subjects.

Because Papaji can be a little difficult to understand, here is the word by word transcript:

Question: When freedom is always there and full awakening is possible here and now for everybody regardless of the background or any practice or personal circumstances what about karma? Can you please explain the idea of karma yoga rebirth in the context of the true freedom now.

Papaji Response: This talk of karma and rebirth do not belong to this area of freedom. That’s a very different question. That belongs to religion and not for the seeker of freedom. So this question is not relevant to seekers of truth. There’s no such karma and no such rebirth question. That belongs to religion: fear. That fear is created to you if you follow any teacher, or a preacher, or a priest. They give you this fear, “If you don’t follow you will be again and again reborn and suffer.” This is not the work of the Sadguru who removes all this old doubts and all these stupid concepts. He only shows you the way of happiness and freedom and he doesn’t joke with you. That’s a different affair.

In this seven minute video, Adyashanti tries to show that in the world of duality that we live in, every moment offers a choice that can take us in very different directions of experience. With this realization, one can observe these choices and create a much different world for ourselves.

In this short five minute video, Francis Lucille responds to an inquiry that wants to know if he has any particular suggestions or rules for meditation. Most people will find his response different than anything else they have ever heard about meditation. Let’s listen to his suggestions…

In this five minute video, Adyashanti shares a few words about the meaning of “Divinity” and how it relates to our self, in this case using the word “self” to mean “I” as a person. He explains that once the self experiences itself as divinity, then the beauty of divinity is able to shine through everywhere and as everything. Lets’ listen…

In this eight minute video, Gangaji explains that no matter what the circumstances are in our world or the world around us, there is ALWAYS that space of inner silence which remains available to us at any time.

In this ten minute video, Rupert Spira responds to a very emotional seeker who has been touched by understanding and wants to know, “Who is speaking, and who is listening?”. Rupert explains that there is only one motivation behind all human interaction. Let’s listen…

In this six minute audio clip, Alan Watts explains that when the Chinese say that life is purposeless, this is actually a compliment because all of life’s most treasured moments are purposeless. Let’s listen to the potential freedom in these words…

Here’s a beautiful little eight minute video from a lovely being named Nada who shares with us a very profound message about the difference between self love and narcissism. Let’s listen…

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In this very short five minute video, Adyashanti talks about looking at meditation as a solvent for helping to remove our old conditioned patterns of the mind.

In this lovely little six minute video, Gangaji talks to us about the importance of not closing ourselves off after heartbreak and realize the love that we ARE so we can continue to love beyond any heartbreak. Let’s listen…