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In this eight minute video, Adyashanti helps us understand that through meditation we can come to realize the true nature of thought and the fact that we really have no control over thoughts at all. This is important for several reasons, one of them being that the saying “Change your thoughts and change your life” is really not true at all because in reality you have no control over your thoughts.

In this ten minute video, Rupert Spira brings to light the “Knowing” aspect of all experience. Rupert explains that without this “Knowing” aspect, nothing could be known, therefore, nothing could be experienced. Let’s listen to his explanation…

Here’s a beautiful little eight minute video from a lovely being named Nada who shares with us a very profound message about one of the most common questions, “What is my purpose in life?” In this great little video, Nada helps us to question the common misconceptions about purpose to reveal a world of possibilities filled with contentment. Lets listen…

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Here is a wonderful 6 minute guided meditation from Adyashanti called “The Moment Perceiving Itself”. In this guided meditation, Adyashanti leads you into a kind of global listening that takes you beyond arising thoughts, out of the sense of ‘me,’ and into the profound experience of the moment perceiving itself.

In this wonderful five minute video, Gangaji explains that for decades she had been searching for fulfillment and had no LASTING success until she found a teacher that was willing to point out that true fulfillment can only be realized once the search is given up. Let’s listen to this very interesting video…

In this twelve minute video, Rupert reminds us that our entire reality is made real through our awareness of it and explains why awareness itself cannot be felt or known in the same way objects are known.

In this unique six minute audio, Rupert Spira explains how our belief in separation actually affects the body itself, and how the body is constantly looking for ways to relieve (heal) itself from these effects. Super interesting!

In this lovely little nine minute video we get to see the before and after of someone who was very devoted to her thoughts (believed her thoughts), and what happened after she realized that thoughts by themselves are only “crap” making an appearance in consciousness.

In this nine minute video, Jac O’Keeffe reminds us that the reason that “Create Your Own Reality” methods sometimes give the illusion of working is that ones desires can often be an intuitive preview of what is to come in the apparent sequential story of “me”.

In this six minute audio clip, Rupert Spira defines the most rudimentary definition of love and that there is no such thing as the absence of happiness or love; only the apparent veiling of it.

In this twelve minute video, quotes are read from the book “I Am That” transcribed from talks by Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, a sage of the highest order, is a tremendously gifted teacher who spoke directly from the Absolute “pure Awareness, unborn Reality,” and thus from real spiritual authority.

In this nine minute audio clip in an interview with Nic Higham, Jeff Foster talks about life before and after the recognition of non-duality. Jeff demystifies enlightenment and points to a love that’s always present amidst every appearance of life.

In this thirteen minute video, Rupert Spira tries to explain the difference between a concept and a belief. He explains that the only thing that we can say for certain is real in any experience is Awareness (consciousness). Let’s listen in…

In this eleven minute video, Rupert reminds us of the differences between the simple recognition of Awareness, Enlightenment and the integration of this new understanding into our everyday lives.

In this nine minute video, Rupert makes several attempts to explain that unlike the popular misconception, the body and mind are not aware, but rather it is Awareness itself that is aware of the body and mind.

This is a fantastic twelve minute guided meditation using the words and teachings of Non-Dual Master Nisargadatta Maharaj featuring outstanding quotes from the book, “I Am That”. Let’s clear all distractions and enjoy…

In this short five minute video, Gangaji invites us, if only for a moment, to call off the search and recognize the “Truth” that is already within us.

In this lovely seven minute reminder, Adyashanti points to a way of perceiving reality that is beyond the filter of our beliefs and judgments. It’s really not hard to do. Let’s listen to his advice…