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In this 9 minute video, Rupert explains that most versions of meditation are seen as an activity of the mind or trying to achieve a state of inactivity of the mind which is a form of discipline of the mind that can be hard to achieve.  Rupert explains that the highest form of meditation really requires no effort… listen to what he has to say…

In this 8 minute video, Peter explains that meditation doesn’t have to be as structured as some practices describe.  He also touches on how to work through pain and suffering through meditation and the difference between meditation and mindfulness.

In this 7 minute video, Deepak Chopra shares his personal journey into consciousness, from questions about body-mind connections as a physician to his present understanding of consciousness and the infinite domain of possibilities.

In this short 7 minute video, Rupert explains that after the realization of our true nature, our relationships can change completely as we seek to share our inner happiness with another rather then seek it from others. This opens up the possibilities of true intimacy.

This 8 minute video is Chapter 2 of an amazing documentary called “Rays of the Absolute”.  This is a true treasure for any fan or follower of Nisargadatta Maharaj. In this particular chapter, we visit with Vijay Sawant a trustee and a disciple of Maharaj.  He shares some of the most precious words personally addressed to him by Maharaj.

For a complete view of this entire documentary, click here.

In this beautifully produced 5 minute clip, several spiritual and scientific leaders describe the importance for humans to realize the importance of consciousness and the understanding that at the heart of man’s true nature lies the secrets of consciousness itself.

In this 9 minute video, Adyashanti speaks on the resulting reality of living outside of the mind (person, ego). He expresses that one of the most valuable benefits is the realization that most of what we (as the mind) think is important is really of no importance at all. This allows us to begin to breath and experience the freedom that we truly are.

In this amazing 7 minute video, Deepak explains that we tend to accept science as fact because science has learned how to manipulate “how” things work to create such things as computers, jets and cures for diseases.  However, science is mostly completely blind to the “why” things work and that is because everything, including science, is only an activity in consciousness.

In this 8 minute video, Adyashanti speaks about the fact that nothing is outside of oneness. There is only “The One” (God, Consciousness, That…) but the mind is forever trying to prove that there is two.  It takes practically any thought, any event, any occurrence and uses it (as a prosecuting attorney would) to prove that there is “other” and most of the time it is trying to show that this “other” is not worthy of being part of the “One”.

In this 8 minute video, Rupert explains that the “State of Bliss” that is often described as a benefit of “Enlightenment” is actually a temporary state. It is a bubbling over of the peace, joy and happiness that is the ever-present perfume of our true nature. Depending on many variables, this perfume can fluctuate greatly in intensity creating states of joy and bliss that can come and go.

As a student of science and spirituality, Deepak explains that science can only take us so far.  In this 5 minute video, Deepak explains that as much as science tries to fit all explanations about our world and existence itself into neat mathematical equations, the bottom line is that no one has any real idea of how it all works.

In this 6 minute video, Hameed Ali (A.H. Almaas) discusses how the theory of quantum entanglement within the study of quantum mechanics has huge implications on the scientific and spiritual communities. It shows that ALL of the universe is actually ONE in nature and that LOVE plays the ultimate role at making it all possible.

This beautifully produced 6 minute video discusses how scientific discovery demonstrates that the entire UNI-VERSE is ONE.  Not that everything in the universe is connected somehow, but that it is actually all ONE, independent of space and time, exactly how the spiritual masters have been describing the nature of reality for thousands of years.

In this 10 minute video, an inquirer asks how she can deal with insecurity in her relationship. Rupert then explains the basis for all insecurities which is based on a very real intuitive realization.  Once we understand the cause of insecurities, we can then invest our focus on the cure.

In this short 6 minute video, Adyashanti reminds us that the “Self” can always be easily experienced in stillness.  The brain is programmed to always be on the move trying to solve problems that most always don’t exist, but when we are able to let the brain do its thing and direct our focus to the stillness in which it appears, we find that the self is and has always present.

In this short 5 minute video, Deepak offers a quick peek into the nature of reality which is perfectly in line with non-dualism and the realization that there is just one Brahman-Consciousness through which the entire universe is experienced.

In this 7 minute video, Jac O’Keeffe shares with us her view on destiny and how the ego is not required for destiny to fulfill itself through our body/minds.  In fact, without the ego, our destiny can fulfill itself much smoother and more efficiently than with one who is encumbered with identification.

In this short 7 minute video we get a unique look at the universe through someone that has extensively studied both science and spiritual matters. Here he expresses that science has yet to be able to explain “experience” and that Eastern Spiritual traditions is perhaps the closest explanation we have of our known universe.