Neale Donald Walsch Audio: The Magic of Gratitude

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In this short five minute audio clip, Neale talks to us about a different way to look at the things in our life we feel are not working which can instantly transform its affect on the inside, as well as eventually transforming its reality on the outside.

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Harry says:

duaistic. There is God AND you. Wow.

sally says:

Gratitude Is Such a Joy. Namaste

Dan says:

So pretty much the opposite of what everyone else presented here says. Be your emotions rather than observe them. That just makes one victim to the ego and completely uncentered. Very odd to see this here

Anonymous says:

Agree. I’ve listened to and read many spiritual teachers.
There’s something about NDW, as charming and affable as he is, that just doesn’t sit well.

Bruce says:

Many people are comforted by the grandfatherly reassurance of, Relax—everything is going to be OK! That’s how religions stay in business.

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