Francis Lucille Video: A Few Minutes on Personal Thought

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Francis responds to the question “How can I deal with my personal thoughts.”

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Christina Rebekah Todd says:

Brilliant and timely. Thank you. The unmasking of the concept of a separate self in time floors all personal thoughts. Love the idea of calling them lemons and party poppers.

Clara says:

None of us can achieve peace while we eat the flesh of our innocent and defenseless brothers and sisters, and while passively watching the wars and the horrors that are going on all over the globe. This world became such a hell not because of the ones who do evil, but because of the ones who does nothing to change that. The ones like you who tickle our egos with sweets that rot our teeth and destroy our soul and our humanity, encouraging us to become more selfish and egoistic and to love ourselves more than anybody and anything else in this world. The love of self and of this world are the hellish loves. Christ said that “You shall know them by their deeds”. And by their pride and vanity I would add.

Anonymous says:

Universal consciousness veiled by personal thought
I understand I don’t want the separation/alianatilon
He’s so gentle in presenting freedom

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