Alan Watts: What is It All About?

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This well produced 4 minute video featuring audio clips of wisdom from Alan Watts is focused on the spontaneity of life and how we often stand in the way of our true nature by trying to force life to be what it is not.

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Jeannette Brokke says:

Your positive Thoughts are mine positive thought. I just have to SMILE Alan Watts. I rate it 5 stars only one did it.??? Life is precious and beautiful even if you have to step over pebbles. Am every day in my forest enjoying Mother Nature’s birth. Talk to them. Meditate under my tree. Feel the warm answer through my body. Also a while everyday on the beach. Enjoying blessing the sea. Walk Awake. Contact with nice people. A smile is easy to give. But this lessons I was privilege to receive them since childhood through ancestors. thanks.

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