Gangaji Video: Escaping from the Suffering Trap

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In this 10 minute video from Gangaji, she helps us to understand that most suffering comes from the belief in a story of being a victim of some kind and goes on to helping us to bring about the end to this type of suffering.

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veena says:

I am living in noisy locality. What is willingly suffering about it? Finding it difficult to move out of it. Am I after desire?

dianne says:

I empathise with you regarding the noise. I find noisy environments very difficult to bear also. What I do know is that there are choices to be made and ways ultimately to manage such a situation for the period of time you are trying to move without success. I think if you can take appropriate steps to find somewhere else to move to, and do so in a confident and measured way, without panicking or having an attitude of overly struggling, or resentment, things will work out for you in a positive way. I hope what I have offered here is helpful rather than annoying, and I really hope you can find a more palatable home environment. I don’t think the wish to live in a relatively peaceful place is wrong at all. But it is the living with the imperfection whilst you seek a new home, and the managing the present without resentment whilst you see to make the change, that will help you be happier at this time.

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