Rupert Spira Video: Should I Be Loyal to Just One Teacher?

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In this 10 minute video, Rupert replies to a question from a participant about being loyal to just one teacher. He explains why this is not a desirable relationship and that there is only one goal that should warrant our complete loyalty.  See what Rupert has to say…

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Farhad Azad says:

This has been my recent unresolved dilemma as i have been practicing vajrayana Buddhist for more than a decade but , recently become very attracted to Rupert’s teachings by watching the videos as been generously provided for me by this Site.
Immeasurable blessing to this site administration authorities.

admin says:

Thank you so much for your kind words! Hope that Rupert’s teachings help create a short cut to realizing the Truth.

Danielle Choquette says:

We should BE loyal to TRUTH.Teachers are just pointers to TRUTH,not objets to be shopped and added to the circle of our possessions.Thanks ,Michael for sharing this pointing _()_ <3

Martin says:

Thanks. Really good reminder and area to contemplate.

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