Rupert Spira Video: Stand Knowingly As the Awareness Itself

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In this amazing 8 minute video clip from Rupert Spira, we explore how it is possible to direct our attention towards source (the self, awareness) and come to realize that it is not possible to place our attention on awareness because awareness IS the source of attention.  This may sound like a riddle at first but by spending only 8 minutes with Rupert, we can come to stand knowingly as the awareness itself.

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Rein Surig says:

This is what it is and the overflowing amtines is filling me up with an indescribable satisfaying feling ,a thrill its love being in love with all the unnumereble possebilletis ,options and manny manny more things tot create haven on earth
All my love and good wishes for Every body ,se you

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