Rupert Spira Video: THE Most Direct Path to Realize Your True Nature

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In this 13 minute video clip from Rupert Spira, he shows us THE most direct path to realizing our true nature. There is an endless variety of paths like the many forms of Yoga and Meditation that can be performed by the body/mind, but the reality is that they are not necessary and most often ineffective at revealing our true nature.  This is a must see video…

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Solveig Larsen says:

Wonderful…Thank You

Chris Pedersen says:

Very good. Thanks.

dianne says:

Given that I have a sense of the reality of this SELF, but presently am not in tune with it, is it helpful or not to be training to be a counsellor when the training works with self-concepts….which leads in a different direction I think. Please can you advise as I feel I have an aptitude for this counselling work, but it involves an empathy and focus that is conventional, and I feel it may be trapping me as it influences my thinking work… and my sense of what compassion is, and what ‘helping’ people is… Please can you advise?

Harry Rice says:

There seems to be awarenss but sinc the rere is no I, the nswer is “No.

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