Rupert Spira: From God’s Perspective There is No You!

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In this 11 minute video, Rupert responds to a questioner who is extremely confused on the how the concept of God fits in to the understanding of Non-Duality.  His explanation describes how there is nothing but God (Awareness), and his (its) name is “I”.

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sally says:

Very Good Thank You Namaste Om Shanti Om

Karene says:

I like that Rupert, it’s St Patrick’s Breastplate the hymn you sang, I’m Irish that’s so nice to hear in that respect.

dianne says:

If God does not know the separate self, does not know the you, then how can everything be included in awareness – since we are saying that awareness does not embrace me.?

admin says:

It is precisely because God does not know the separate self that it can include all.

dianne says:

Thank you admin – I have only just realised your response now on January 7th, 2018! But I still do not understand how, if God does not know this ‘personal self’, how can it be that God holds ‘me’ in awareness?
What seems to be implied is that the Witness is ‘Aware’–and that is the way this is usually described. How can there be ‘Awareness’ without Awareness?

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