Rupert Spira: From God’s Perspective There is No You!

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In this 11 minute video, Rupert responds to a questioner who is extremely confused on the how the concept of God fits in to the understanding of Non-Duality.  His explanation describes how there is nothing but God (Awareness), and his (its) name is “I”.

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sally says:

Very Good Thank You Namaste Om Shanti Om

Karene says:

I like that Rupert, it’s St Patrick’s Breastplate the hymn you sang, I’m Irish that’s so nice to hear in that respect.

dianne says:

If God does not know the separate self, does not know the you, then how can everything be included in awareness – since we are saying that awareness does not embrace me.?

admin says:

It is precisely because God does not know the separate self that it can include all.

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