Rupert Spira Video: Do We Have Free Will or Not?

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In this 10 minute video clip from Rupert, he responds to a questioner wanting to know “who” exactly is this separate self and do we have free will or not.  Listen to Rupert’s reply…

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dianne says:

This ‘concession’ the separate self argument – I am not sure it is completely honest. I mean to talk about a ‘concession’ is surely to refuse to face the pure truth of the situation. I acknowledge that it seems pretty dismal if one cannot exercise free will in choosing to be ‘aware’ etc and recognize the unicity of everything, but the truth is the truth. Is this compromise really honest? It seems that what Rupert is critically calling the ‘modern Advaita’ movement, and saying such views are actually nihilistic, maybe be more authentic that this concessionary talk…? I don’t know but I would be very happy to hear others’ views on this?

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