Rupert Spira Video: Do We Have Free Will or Not?

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In this 10 minute video clip from Rupert, he responds to a questioner wanting to know “who” exactly is this separate self and do we have free will or not.  Listen to Rupert’s reply…

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dianne says:

This ‘concession’ the separate self argument – I am not sure it is completely honest. I mean to talk about a ‘concession’ is surely to refuse to face the pure truth of the situation. I acknowledge that it seems pretty dismal if one cannot exercise free will in choosing to be ‘aware’ etc and recognize the unicity of everything, but the truth is the truth. Is this compromise really honest? It seems that what Rupert is critically calling the ‘modern Advaita’ movement, and saying such views are actually nihilistic, maybe be more authentic that this concessionary talk…? I don’t know but I would be very happy to hear others’ views on this?

Frank says:

I think we have to be realistic and talk about the relative experience. In relative experience we do make choices although it’s all based on the belief that we are separate beings which is thought based and not the ultimate truth. In the Absolute I’m understanding there is no need for choice or free will since it’s complete and free. So unless Rupert starts going into the Absolute Tony Parsons route and telling everyone at the seminar they’re not actually there ( which is true in the Absolute) he might as well just send everyone home or like he said go to the pub instead. This relative experience has to be accepted as real as a “relative” reality or else we will be stuck in a no mans land indefinitely. Those who insist on denying this are playing into the ego as much as those totally ignorant of their true nature. I believe this is what he is talking about.

admin says:

The question of free will is really just an amusement for the mind. What you are (Awareness) does not care or have the ability to ask such a question. And the mind (ego) doesn’t have the ability to understand the true answer to this question. The closest one (mind) can get is to use a metaphor like… the screen showing a movie. You are the screen, the character in the movie is your mind (ego) and this character wants to know if it has free will. In every moment of the movie, the character seems to have free will, HOWEVER, the FACT is the movie is already finished and being played on screen. So, ultimately its both. However, you (the screen) don’t really give a hoot either way!

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