Rupert Spira: Eternity is Now (Literally)

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This is a wonderful active meditation on the concept of “time”.  Through a series of questions, Rupert makes us realize the fallacy of time.  Only through the dreaming of the mind can we find something called “time”.

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Amaya Singleton says:

Rupert has opened experiential reality shifts that decades in Advaita hasn’t been able to reveal, not really. Such a nice compliment to Mooji and his lineage. <3 Anyway, just wanted to suggest two mind blowingly great ones: Search for 'Time and Death' which also speaks of 'Awareness in deep sleep'. Then recommend 'Something, Nothing, Everything'. 🙂 and 'Awareness is the Dreamer'.

If not many sign up for email, when we have FB it's kind of obsolete, with so much other stuff coming in…, so just saying it so you don't necessarily use it as a marker as how much people appreciate your posts. Love, Amaya

dianne says:

Wow! Woopee!! Wabbadabbadooda!! I want more of this!!!

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