Adyashanti Video: “The Cause of Suffering”

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In this 9 minute video, Adyashanti explains the mechanics of suffering and offers a simple yet powerful way to see beyond the misperceptions that cause it.

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sally says:

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Anonymous says:

Beyond what I expected through the 9 minutes of being at the moment. Reality. Thanks you

sharon says:

Does not resonate. When a person suffers at the painful death of someone they love how can you say that is ignorance. Grief is not ignorance.

admin says:

Grief is a human emotion that takes place and perfectly normal and almost always necessary. That is NOT what Adya is talking about here. He is talking about unnecessary suffering that takes place BECAUSE OF mind activity like “Why did this have to happen?”, “He/She was way too young to…”, “Imagine the lifelong devastation the children will have to…” . THESE are all fabrications of the mind and are simply NOT TRUE and cause unnecessary suffering that can go on for months, years and often a life time.

Bruce says:

Totally agreed.

Anonymous says:

You feel what you feel; that is true, and it is not helpful to deny or inhibit your feelings. Have you looked at the Tantric approach to spiritual growth? This encourages you to go deep into the feelings rather than engage in self-enquiry.

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