Rupert Spira Video: The Purpose (Reason) for Manifestation (Creation)

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In this nine minute video clip from Rupert, he replies to a questioner that wants to know the purpose for manifestation.

Here is the key to the metaphor that is being spoken of in this video:

Jane’s World = Mind   and   Mary’s World = Consciousness

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Sanne says:

Thank you for this clear and honest answer.

Who cares says:

Rupert speaks from the mind himself and therefore he can not give any explanation.

Of course there is no reason or purpose of doing anything. Anyone who has ever experienced their own true nature do not question that anymore.

Frank says:

I’m stuck with a personality that is afraid of speaking up to injustice or abuse. Makes my life a living hell.

Carmen says:

How something is done may be discovered but why it is done, only the creator knows. The limited mind can only guess. Seth, in Jane Robert’s books talks about how the Source needs to be in constant activity and movement in order not to deteriorate. That is enough reason for me to start dreaming with this perceived world.

admin says:

“Why” doesn’t exist. It is a fabrication of the mind. There is no “why” to the universe.

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