Rupert Spira: The Subtle Appearance of Duality

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This is a very interesting eight minute video in which Rupert discusses exactly when duality begins, and the mistaken interpretation by the neo-advaita movement.  The core of duality is in the belief that there is anything that is separate from anything else. Listen to what Rupert has to say…

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dianne says:

I know that Eckhart Tolle refers several times in his talks etc to a Course In Miracles. I am wondering whether in this talk by Rupert, he might be saying something different to what is expressed in A Course in Miracles? Or is the same thing being said here after all. It is a matter of the concept pretending to be the reality that is the problem so that we therefore do not meet the immediacy of that reality in our experience…? the directness of the encounter. In other words the intellect with its way of understanding can get stuck in concepts which create a kind of screen, thus contaminating our awareness of what is.?

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