Rupert Spira Video: What Is Our Relationship With Our Thoughts?

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In this fantastic twelve minute video, at the request of a participant, Rupert explains our true relationship with our thoughts.  He goes on to explain that once the realization of our true nature has taken place, this is when the real work begins to align our thoughts, beliefs and feelings to match the discovery that has taken place rather than letting old programming continue to be in control.

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Loren Ericksen says:

A very helpful video explaining to me what I have been experiencing and how to work with the experience towards not acting upon the demands of the false separate self which is always asking “But what about me?”

Marilyn McMillan says:

Thank you. Thank you.

Thierry says:

Speaking about our relationship to thought J.krishnamurti insists on the role of the observer, itself a thought thinking itself separate from other thoughts , and ever trying to act, modify, control other thoughts, not realising that the entity it takes itself to be is the very essence of thought. This reminds me of Rupert’s analogy of the whirlpools, creating their own movement of separation from the undivided flow of the river.

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