Rupert Spira Video: A Closer Look at Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep

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This amazing video from Rupert is 15 minutes long and is worth every second.  He starts out helping a participant understand deep sleep and ends up revealing the reality of all states by making us realize that for our true essence called “Awareness”, these states are simply modulations creating the illusion of perceptible “states” of mind.  This video is a “Must See!”.

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Lisa Lawwill says:

Rupert has several videos that speak of deep sleep and though they are all helpful, each one seemed to leave at least some residue in ‘my mind’ that said, “yeah….but…”
THIS one however, brought the understanding home for me. Many thanks!

Thierry says:

So clear and so consistant with the wholeness of Rupert’s teaching. Thank you for this beautiful excerpt.

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