Rupert Spira: No Need to Discipline Your Attention

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In this short 5 minute video, Rupert speaks about a common misconception that we hear about over and over again. We are told by many teachers that we need to discipline our attention so it does not slip into thoughts, feelings or psychological thinking that creates the unpleasantness we are trying to avoid. Rupert explains here that when we do this we are creating a conflict within ourselves which actually makes things worse.  See what Rupert has to say…

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dianne says:

YOu say that ‘the whole experience of depression is pervaded by awareness’. However in previous video you said the I AM knowns nothing of relative, non-dual experience……..Please could you clarify this?
I know A Course In Miracles which also says that ‘God’ does not know ‘special relationship’ (similar meaning), that God does not know the ‘illusory’ world…..
yet here ——we have Awareness knowning relative experience of depression?
Surely what exists in any sense at all, is still there even if it is illusion……? it must be some phenomena, and therefore must in that way be known, or be present in the infinite..?

Gopaul Lall says:

Awareness,consciousness,knowingness are but the same. The Absolute ,that which from Awareness is derived knows nothing other than itself,as itself alone. That apparent creation of Awareness only appears from the point of view of an individual/separate self. From the point of the Absolute there is no creation. When the separate self comes to an end through knowledge and living that understanding (oneness) only then Awareness ceases to be a part and the individual self merged with Absolute.
In the meantime we see separateness,creation,time and space. These are apparent realities which are known through adjuncts superimposed on the Absolute.

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