Jeff Foster Video: Living in the Now is Not a Goal

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In this 6 minute video, Jeff expresses that the whole movement to “live in the now” as promoted by Eckhart Tolle and others turns “Living in Now” as a goal that we should strive for.  He explains that this is mostly futile advice since in reality we ARE the now and we can be nothing other than now.  Of course, the point he is missing is that “living in the now” is about directing our “Attention” to the now instead of letting our minds drift into daydreams of the past or future, but for the most part the principles he discusses are still true and valuable.

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Barbara says:

Thank you for your comment about what Jeff misses in his message as it is the most important: to pay attention to what is happening here and now!!!! To direct our attention in it instead of drifting in the padt or future

Bruce says:

Yes, being in the now is all about Mindfulness and mindfulness can only take place in the present moment.

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