Gangaji Speaks on Being Who You Are

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In this five minute video, Gangaji puts forth a very simplistic way at looking at and being who you are.

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Arun Jandial says:

‘Be as you are’ The answer has to be found out by enquiring into, ‘Who Am I?’ Readymade answers and books of the enlightened will only inspire and guide but the answer will have to be found in one’s own heart. Nobody can solve this question for you. We shall have to go beyond all beliefs, learning and knowledge. Beyond all conditioning and judgements, prejudices, likes and dislikes, cravings and aversion, attachments and expectations…..Being aware of the Pure existence which is truth as well as bliss and to be constantly in the state of awareness, non- reacting witness, neutral observer, a seer may reveal us the truth of existence.

Tom says:

After many, many years of traditional seeking and sadhana, something fell away and I left the teachings I had been with my whole life. I really did not know what had happened until I ran across Gangaji in the early 1990s. The simplicity of recognizing This that is effortlessly what you always already are, This that is always already here was finally Being home. Gangaji will always be in my heart! <3

Krystyna says:

So many years, so many expieriences have had to come and go leading me to the place of acceptance ‘To be as I ‘m.’ And than I also know that there are still layers of unknow that I might stumble against.

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