Rupert Spira: Suffering is a Messenger

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In this very simple to understand video from Rupert, he describes suffering as a messenger that lets us know each and every time we have taken ourselves to be other than what we truly are. It is a way for the mind to tell us that we are taking ourselves to be a separate self that is unhappy with a particular situation, much like a toothache is designed by the body to tell us that we need to take care of that physical problem.  Brilliant!

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dianne says:

This emphasis on going in to the heart of the suffering, the heart of the experience and truly feeling it, Rupert is saying is going further than just ‘witnessing’. Many teachers seem to talk a lot about the witnessing, but do not say this.
Shall I then choose Rupert as my teacher or shall I choose the other teachers?
I am an extremist.
I will therefore choose Rupert’s way.

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