Nisargadatta Maharaj – I am only the “Self”

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This short 8 minute video contains rare footage of Nisargadatta Maharaj. His most precious teaching is shared like… when he was asked “Why is it so important for us to realize our true nature?”, he responded with “Without realization, you world becomes filled with desires and fears, repeating themselves meaninglessly in endless suffering.”  The message shared in this video is the basis for all of Mooji’s teachings or ANY other true Master’s pointings.

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Christine Inrig says:

I have been receiving these wisdom messages for just a few days, but they inevitably are uplifting and touch me. Thank you for sending them. So happy to receive one every day.

Mercedes Josefina says:

Soy del Perú y me interesa esta pag.,agradeceré acepte mi suscripción ,ando en búsqueda crecimiento espiritual Bendiciones por que espero respuesta positiva! Gracias!

Anonymous says:

Thank you for sending these beautiful messages. Gratitude

Katherine says:

What a beauty this video is. Thank you.

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