Adyashanti Shares a Few Words on the “I am”

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In this short video, Adyashanti shares the universal meaning behind the “I am”.  We are speaking of the sense of “I” before we add anything to it.  Everything that we add after “I am…” is simply a description of our sense of identity.

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Sue Stunner says:

I Am

joe says:

it is followed per this line by the I > I am a body…are these also a sense only or are these thoughts of the intellect… insect also has insect consciousness…perhaps both…any answers?

just random curiosity of no importance ….

Robert Hall says:

The “I am” is the isness of being.

Rose says:

Wow, that was powerfully orchestrated. Appreciate your post to no end.

mary pisani says:

For a second I perceived a fake surface where all impressions seemed to belong and move…

Baldev says:

It’s really very benificial for us to think ‘n’ per is e our self.which was devoid of till now.

Susan says:

This is true but I don’t know why or how it just is.

Amit says:

What’s new? all this has been explained a 120 years ago , in fact 2000 years ago.

Jane Moody says:

Takes me directly to that warm softness of just being. Thank you so much for your presence .

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