Rupert Spira Explains His View On Realization

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This 9 minute video gives us a quick glimpse of Rupert’s view of “Realization”.

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Kanchan says:

Thank you for sharing this video. I got a confirmation. Rupert Spira so clearly points or shows THAT PRINCIPLE which seems impossible to express

Vlasta Bishop says:

Beautifully narrated …..SO CLEAR, and SUTHING to listen to….I can recognise the ring of TRUTH in it…THAK YOU!

Krystyna says:

I love to listen to Rupert Spira. His voice is so soothing, kind and his own experiences so convincing. Thank you!

Christina Rebekah Todd says:

Thank you. A peaceful understanding of what I Am expressed clearly and sensitively. What is real is timeless and spaceless and has no object. All is this. The knowing of this means that what is experienced in time is actually spontaneous and only happening to one in the appearance of many.

admin says:

Beautifully put Christina!

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