Gangaji Video: Stop Looking for What You Want

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In this short 5 minute video, Gangaji shares one of the simplest and most profound directives to getting more than what you want. One can never realize a state of peace when one is always searching for something they feel they do not have.

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Tanya DeSantis says:

Gangaji…i love your way of simplifying. I too was in the path searching for something I already possessed. Just let in the wizard of oz. Lol. You made my day! Ty so much for being, just being.
Love and light,

JEANETTE Collier says:

Thsnk you
Yes it is so simple we miss the message. I
have seen this work and it becomes easier. Trust, Truth and FaiIth in what we know deep down. God has shown us over and over ad the light and the universe listens to what we think and say and. This will come to you.

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