Rupert Spira: The Cause of Conflicts in Relationships

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In this 8 minute video, Rupert explains that in order for one to discover the true cause of conflicts in their relationships, one must realize who/what they are.  He goes on to say that in all cases of conflict with others, one can find wrong identification at its root. See how Rupert explains it…

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Vlasta Bishop says:

So, this open space THAT I AM, how can it accommodate the fact that my partner has declared to me that HE HAS A NEED TO MAKE LOVE TO OTHER WOMEN….Am I supposed to ACCEPT that, Him saying that he loves me, but that he loves others too????

Please help with this. VB

admin says:

You have to accept that it is so, because it is so. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to accept being with him under those circumstances. He has the right to want other women. You have the right to tell him to go fuck himself and find someone that is willing to respect their commitment to a relationship with you.

Sherri says:

If you only knew that the very fact that he does love other women and is even intimate with them, only makes him like you better than if he were 100% true to you. Sounds bizarre, I know. But it’s like when you buy a new outfit and you wear it everyday . Or your Luxury car, or home. You get used to it and you don’t see its beauty, and it is just useful or a companion. But if you go away for a while and come home. You can see the beauty of your new home and its uniqueness with fresh eyes. Your uniqueness shines brighter than ever.
Don’t be threaten. You can love more than one friend, you can love more than one child. Your thoughts of fear of losing him come from you, not the situation.
One way you can not care is to be completely whole by yourself. Not based on outside love and it’s threats of loss.
You can be whole by realizing you do not really need another, and if they go you are still whole. You can let go of your grip. But still appreciate them the same. You will have peace and live and be lived more than ever, because you are fearless love.
I suggest you date others too. And you will see your feelings for him will actually increase, not decrease.

Anonymous says:

hello you don’t have to accept! But when your friend needs this then its his choice! In this case he will lose you but ir is his life! You think the tradional way of monogamous relationship, but that is what we are told by everyone. you are free and he is free. That’s the fact! Follow your intuition!

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