Jac O’Keeffe Video: Awakening is Great, But Right Now is OK Too

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In this short 4 minute video, Jac explains that Awakening is really a change in perception and that there are many other changes in perception along the way. She explains that the biggest error that is made which causes suffering is not really that we haven’t “Awakened” yet, but that we think there is something wrong with us because we haven’t “Awakened” yet.

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Ave says:

It is a shift of perception, but for me it was really feeling great (“great” doesn’t mean anything in ordinary terms). It is worth of seeking and it changes the life forever. So seek anyway until you find, but try not to get too much overwhelemed by the seeking process itself!
PS. I recently understood why some people seek hard and the other not. Those who feel this pressure to seek obviously have a reason- they HAVE something to find.

Billy T says:

Seek, and ye shall find,
Heaven is a state of mind.

This is a line I remember from a poem by a Dub poet I met and worked with at a storytelling festival in the Yukon a number of years ago.

Bruce says:

My mother used to have one of those optical illusion puzzles. When you first look at it, it appears to be merely a few nondescript symbols. But if you gazed at long enough then suddenly the the letters, Jesus appeared. Obviously it was there all the time but it took a shift of visual perspective to see it. Realisation works in a similar fashion. Nothing really changes yet the sudden realisation that you are not a separate Individual self is no small thing.

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