Rupert Spira: No Personal Entity Within

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In this AMAZING 7 minute video, Rupert explains in super easy to understand language that there is no individual “entity” inside the body orchestrating the activities of that particular body and mind. This also leads to the conclusion that there is really no personal responsibility. This can be a very scary statement when taken out of context, but Rupert explains how this does not lead to behaving in irresponsible ways.

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Bruce says:

“He who thinks he is the doer is also the sufferer.”
Ramana Maharishi

Thierry says:

Until listening to this I thought man was the one who invented Whisky for his own comfort or discomfort, either way, not for the sake of the ‘Whole’! Is’nt this pushing a bit far the notion of non-doership? I am a bit surprised to hear this from Rupert whom I listen to frequently because of the great care he puts in his explanations. I’d be grateful to be directed towards talks and videos from Rupert that deal extensively with this ‘notion’ (that’s what it is for me, for the moment !) of non-doership.

Anonymous says:

Keeping in mind that the explanation is not the thing,this is what I understand from previous enquiry. Resisting what is is definitely a doing on the part of the psychological entity within. This entity, call it the doer, the observer, the center (psychlogically speaking), is a reality without which there is no experience at all. It is the result of the past and is thus conditionned by it and limited by it. It’s doin is either to sustain or get rid of the pleasant or unpleasant feelings being experienced and to do so it has to maintain the division between the experiencer, which it takes itself to be and the experienced. This division creates the conflict between what is and what should be. The seing, if there is any, is to see that any action on the part of the doer maintains the division and thus the suffering.

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