Rupert Spira: I (as Awareness) Am Always Here

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In this 9 minute video, Rupert describes the reality of what is happening as he films a trip from England to the U.S.  This video sheds a different light on the reality of the activities of life as one realizes the “Truth” of what is happening from the perspective of awareness itself.

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Ave says:

In childhood it was clear-the images besides the road WERE moving through me.
“I, Self ” is no question any more, since it is much bigger than mind.
But the mind is a strange thing. Although we each have different perception and yet, WHAT makes us have apparently similar perception so that we finally start to believe into a rigid “reality?” Our senses plus talk and interpretation?

Michael says:

I am that, I am;
This experience of awareness so brilliantly articulated, gives this body/ mind a heightened sense of The DivinityWithin and about my being;
In a sense , perhaps the only true sense one has, thank you for this experience of awareness and a knowing within that everything you’ve related is Absolute Truth;

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