Peter Russell: Effortless Meditation

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In this 8 minute video, Peter explains that meditation doesn’t have to be as structured as some practices describe.  He also touches on how to work through pain and suffering through meditation and the difference between meditation and mindfulness.

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Ave says:

Great video! Thank you!
I have gone through similar processes. Initially lots of meditation and mindfulness, re-channelling. OK, most people start with this and it has it’s benefits, too like being able to maintain focus, knowing oneself… most people start with this and probably it is a normal stage of development.
But occasionally I have experienced how awareness can resolve emotional or even physical pain just so and very quickly! I started to explore it, trying out. Peter is right about exploring what comes and letting in.
A good advice to be aware and relax the mind-borne tension at any time.
The practice is not about staying but how to come back!!!

Shunyo says:

Excellent video no airy fairy stuff very easy to hear and will
Change my practise a small shift can make a big difference

Bela Agudelo Castro says:

Thanks a lot. The video is very clear and powerful. thanks again

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