The Nature of Consciousness

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In this beautifully produced 5 minute clip, several spiritual and scientific leaders describe the importance for humans to realize the importance of consciousness and the understanding that at the heart of man’s true nature lies the secrets of consciousness itself.

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Caroline Crawley says:

Where are the women speakers?
It feels strange that the women in the film were showing grace and beauty and consciousness but not speaking of it…seems unbalanced to me.

Jessica Bond says:

I agree with the above comment! I was so distracted by the fact there were no women speaking, (instead they were represented as the attractive dancer or cellist) that I couldn’t focus on the thoughts of all these men. Let’s hope the conference the video was plugging had a more balanced group of speakers…

Bruce says:

Why focus on the messengers instead of the message?

admin says:

Because this video was created to introduce the speakers at their conference.

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