Rupert Spira: The Cure for Insecurity

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In this 10 minute video, an inquirer asks how she can deal with insecurity in her relationship. Rupert then explains the basis for all insecurities which is based on a very real intuitive realization.  Once we understand the cause of insecurities, we can then invest our focus on the cure.

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Anonymous says:

I think some examples of security in one’s self would have brought the non understanding a lot closer
to what he was suggesting and referring to, even the women did not respond because she had no idea where they security he is talking about is.

admin says:

That’s because this applies to any kind of insecurity.

Anonymous says:

To give examples would limit the person to those and not allow the freedom of discovering yourself. If you don’t discover these for yourself, you will not truly understand and allow your thinking to change your behavior. He did his job in planting the seeds. She needs to do the work from there.

sally says:

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Marilyn McMillan says:

Best advice ever!

Barbara says:

Great, and I also think that sone example would make it more clear

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